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Toomey Hats was formed with the sole purpose of producing handmade traditional tweed hats from Ireland and England.

Both countries have a rich tradition of hat wearing. Our designers have strived to make their products retain a bygone authenticity, whilst making them suitable for modern day sport and pleasure.

We feel that the majority of our hats can be worn by both males and females. However, where necessary, we have produced specific female hats.

Our aim is to produce products from both countries. Irish products will have the finest wool and tweed and in a similar vein we will only use regional tweeds for our English hats.

Hatters to Ladies and Gentlemen, Their Sons and Daughters

Cheviot Tweed

There is a story from ancient folklore told about the sheep from the Spanish Armada Shipwreck. The sheep jumped off the ship and swam ashore. and lived wild in the area known as The Cheviot Hills in Scotland, from which the sheep received its name, The Cheviot is a very special animal-small and very sturdy, very strong and resilient. The fabrics produced from it’s wool is very suitable for outdoor pursuits, such as shooting hunting or simply walking. It’s muted colours reflect the flora of their surrounding environment. Toomey Hats and Caps, and Cheviot Tweed, none better.

Donegal Tweed

Donegal Tweed represents a very important part of Irish History. Sheep thrive in the bills and bogs of the west and northwest and northwest of Ireland. In olden times when the people were very poor and resources were very scarce, making Donegal Tweed became a cottage industry involving all the family. The sheep ran free in the mountains with the children keeping an eye on them. The wool and yarn was died from local resources-lichens, flowers, berries, and moss. These gave the fabric it’s wonderful colours. Moss green, soft purple and blues of the heather. The colours of Ireland in fact.

Nowadays the enterprise has moved on a little. As well as an existing cottage industry there is production of yarn from factory outlets. This gives a resultant marriage of old and new. This results in a unique fabric with a variety of designs and weights. The unique results are seen in Toomey hats and caps. We support the old and the new. Above all we support our quality of design and end product.

We pride ourselves that we as a company are still a cottage industry. We know our people, they are our friends.


We add new products on a daily basis, check out our brand new collection.

Hatters to Ladies and Gentlemen, their Sons and Daughters

Toomey Hats was formed with the sole purpose of producing handmade traditional tweed caps and hats from Ireland and England. We know our people, they are our friends. When you wear a Toomey Hat you are wearing and walking with the traditions of two great nations.



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